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$video_name    = $_FILES['video_file']['name'];

$video_tmp_name    = $_FILES['video_file']['tmp_name'];

$video_size    = $_FILES['video_file']['size'];
// where ffmpeg is located  
$ffmpeg = 'C:\\ffmpeg\bin\\ffmepg';  
//video dir  
$video = $video_tmp_name;  
//where to save the image  
$image = 'video/image.jpg';  
//time to take screenshot at  
$interval = 5;  
//screenshot size  
$size = '640x480';  
//ffmpeg command  
echo $cmd = $ffmpeg ."-i". $video ." -an -ss".$interval."  -s ".$size . "-vcodec mjpeg ".$image ." 2>&1";               

I write down that code. But it's not creating any thumbnail from video. I can't understand what's wrong is with this code. Please help me to solve this problem. It's very urgent.

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It's always urgent... You should include your complete ffmpeg console output so we can see why it may not be producing any output images. –  LordNeckbeard Dec 20 '13 at 6:44

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Your code may be quite Linux specific ("2>&!") part.

On Windows I succeeded with this option:

 ffmpeg -y -i klip.flv -f mjpeg -ss 10 -vframes 1 160x120 thumb.jpg
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thanks for your suggestion . i used your code also.but still its not creating . –  user3052781 Dec 4 '13 at 10:40
Check on the Linux/Vagrant box. PHP on Windows doesn't work well with process execution, unfortunately. :( –  eRIZ Dec 4 '13 at 10:49

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