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Is it possible to get one colorbar to have two ranges?

Basically I have two plots (created separatly and pasted into a blank image).

They use the same colormap (hot), but the color is over a different range due to the nature of the data in each plot. Basically on the left side of the colorbar I would like the range to be 0-1 and the right to be 0.75 -1.

The colorbar could be created with one plot, or a completely figure. I would like to plot a colorbar.

I currently know how to move the ticks from right to left or the colorbar orientation. However, I can't seem to put the ticks on both sides.

This is the code that I use to plot the ticks on the left of the colorbar rather than the default right, but I can't seem to put them on both sides.

    cb = plt.colorbar(sm)
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Basically, you can use twinx to create another Y-axis, but when I try it to the colobar axe, the aspect setting cause some problem, so I use set_position() to change the width of the two axes, here is the code:

import pylab as pl
import numpy as np
a = np.random.rand(10, 10)
cb = pl.colorbar(pad=0.1)

l, b, w, h = cb.ax.get_position().bounds
w = 0.05
ax2 =pl.twinx(ax=cb.ax)
cb.ax.set_position([l, b, w, h])
ax2.set_position([l, b, w, h])
cb.ax.set_ylim(0, 1)
ax2.set_ylim(-10, 10)


enter image description here

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I've some issues with the horizontal oriented colorbar with two ranges, please consider looking to this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/23053551/… –  Mattijn Apr 14 at 6:59
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