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Say you have an array of document ids stored elsewhere (e.g. in Redis sorted set).

What is the most efficient way of querying Mongo documents with { _id: { $in: ids }} and having the results sorted in the same ordering as it was in ids array?


var ids = [3,2,1,6,7];

db.records.find({ _id: { $in: ids }})
   // ???

// expecting [{_id: 3}, {_id: 2}, {_id: 1}, {_id: 6}, {_id: 7}]

P.S. I know I can do the sorting in application, but I wonder, if it could be done with more efficiency at the backend.

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You cannot do it in MongoDB right now. There is an open issue in jira.


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Thanks! I guess, I'd stick with docs.sortBy(function(doc) { return ids.indexOf(doc._id) }) for now. –  incarnate Dec 4 '13 at 12:33

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