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I have a little problem with my code, I need refresh my tree in this sequence: A Json resource return 3 options, with this I create a select and with every value I get another Json resource that returns my tree data, for the first time my tree is created with startUp() and if my select value changes, I can extend the dijit.Tree to refresh the model and the store.
The problem comes when I call tree.model.store.close();, the code stops and I see no error signals. If I removetree.model.store.close(); the code in the tree is refresh, but with the same data, obviously...

this is my code:

var tree;
var sel =0;
var h;
var dataJ;
var model;
dojo.extend(dijit.Tree, {
    refreshModel: function () {
        tree.model.store.clearOnClose = true;
        //my code is broken in this point
        delete this._itemNodesMap;
        this._itemNodesMap = {};
        this.rootNode.state = "UNCHECKED";
        delete this.model.root.children;
        this.model.root.children = null;

    url: "myUrl",
    callbackParamName: "callback",
    content: {q: "#dojo"}
        var Store = new Memory({
            idProperty: "idDomain",
            data: json.parse(JSON.stringify(data))
        var os = new ObjectStore({ objectStore: Store });
        var select = new Select({
            name: "target",
            store: os,
            style: "width: 200px;",
            labelAttr: "domainName",
            maxHeight: -1,
        }, "target");
        select.on("change", function(){
            var dataL={
                url: "myTreeUrls={"+ this.get("value") +"}",
                callbackParamName: "callback",
                content: {q: "#dojo"},
            selectValue = this.get("value");
                dataJ = new Memory({
                    data: json.parse(JSON.stringify(data)),
                    getChildren: function(object){
                        return this.query({parent: object.id});
                aspect.around(dataJ, "put", function(originalPut){
                    return function(obj, options){
                        if(options && options.parent){
                            obj.parent = options.parent.id;
                        return originalPut.call(dataJ, obj, options);
                dataJ = new Observable(dataJ);
                model = new ObjectStoreModel({
                    store: dataJ,
                    query: {treeid: "root"},
                    mayHaveChildren: function(object){
                        return this.store.getChildren(object).length > 0;
                    tree = new Tree({
                            model: model,
                        }, "tree");

I can't understand why this close(); is not working... I attach the code if it helps:


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It's solved!

I did a mistake, the problem was my store can't be reused by another tree, because I now overwrote my memory with obervable store and then use that for otherStore...

For more details:more dijit/Tree instances on one dojo/store/Memory

If this post isn't necessary for nobody, I can delete it!

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