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I'm creating a test with Firefox and Watir-webdriver which needs to route all traffic through a proxy for header manipulation purposes. Unfortunately the requests are not going through the proxy, as I cannot see any entries in the proxy logs and the test fails due to the missing header manipulation.

I have the following code:

## ENV["PROXY"] is ""
profile = Selenium::WebDriver::Firefox::Profile.new
unless ENV["PROXY"].nil?
    profile.proxy = Selenium::WebDriver::Proxy.new :http => ENV["PROXY"], :ssl => ENV["PROXY"]
    puts "Setting proxy"

driver = Webdriver::UserAgent.driver(:browser => :firefox, :agent => :iphone, :orientation => :portrait)
@browser = Watir::Browser.new driver, :profile => profile

If I print the output of profile.inspect, I get

<Selenium::WebDriver::Firefox::Profile:0x9f150b4 @model=nil,@native_events=false,@secure_ssl=false, @untrusted_issuer=true, @load_no_focus_lib=false, @additional_prefs={"network.proxy.type"=>1,"network.proxy.http"=>"","network.proxy.http_port"=>61616,"network.proxy.ssl"=>"","network.proxy.ssl_port"=>61616, "network.proxy.no_proxies_on"=>""}, @extensions={}>

So everything seems normal, but when an URL is opened by watir, the traffic bypasses the proxy. Running an equivalent test with curl on the command-line works as expected. The host I'm running the test on has direct access to the target URL.

Why is watir bypassing the proxy in this situation?

Some version details:

  • ruby-2.0.0-p247 on Mint Linux 13
  • selenium-webdriver (2.35.0)
  • watir-webdriver (0.6.4)
  • webdriver-user-agent (7.0)
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