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I want to underline a portion of code in the ace editor when I go with the mouse over it, and even more, to display the mouse cursor as pointer. I have tried to do it like this:

editSession.addMarker(new Range(loc.start.line - 1, loc.start.column, loc.end.line - 1, loc.end.column), "ace_underline", "text")

This will not work. What puzzles me though is that if I replace ace_underline (the second parameter of addMarker function) with ace_highlight-marker or ace_selection it works in the sense that the range that I want gets colored.

I also tried to create my own css class that looks like:

.myCustomMouseOverHighlight {
   text-decoration: underline;
   cursor: pointer !important;

and then replace the second parameter with myCustomMouseOverHighlight, but again, to no avail.

Any pointers will be highly appreciated.


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It doesn't work because addMarker adds a div behind the text. try

.myCustomMouseOverHighlight {
   border-bottom: 1px solid red;
   position: absolute;
   cursor: pointer !important;
   pointer-events: auto;
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Thank you, it worked like a charm! –  Radu Dec 5 '13 at 11:08
Excellent solution for making some text appear as a link! Note that pointer-events CSS property is supported in IE only from version 11 and on. –  Dor Rotman Jun 21 at 7:50

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