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I recently came across this line in a code -

fprintf(logfile,"   |-IP Version        : %dn",(unsigned int)iph->version);

Is "%dn" here a format string ? If so , what does it signify ?

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Throughout the code , all fprintf's had the same %dn , which made me wonder if someone would make the same mistake more than once.. please chk the following link and let me know .. And thanks for your responses . binarytides.com/blog/… –  trinity Jan 10 '10 at 17:39
Carl is right, the blog probably consumed the backslashes. Funny. –  avakar Jan 10 '10 at 18:04

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It sounds a bit like someone wanted to write %d\n to terminate the line with a linefeed, but the backslash got lost somewhere. The format code, in any case, ends with the "d".

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No, %d is a format string, signifying decimal value. 'n' will be appended. Unless it's '\n', which it probably is supposed to be, which is a newline (which will also be appended of course).

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It signifies a decimal number followed by a character 'n'.

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