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Consider the following JayData entities:

           var Todo = $data.Entity.extend("Todo", {
                Id: { type: "int", key: true, computed: true },
                Task: { type: String, required: true, maxLength: 200 },
                DueDate: { type: Date },
                Completed: { type: Boolean },
                Person: { type: "Person", required: true, inverseProperty: "Todos" }

            var Person = $data.Entity.extend("Person", {
                Id: { type: "int", key: true, computed: true },
                Name: { type: String, required: true, maxLength: 200 },
                Todos: { type: $data.Array, elementType: Todo, inverseProperty: "Person" },
                OtherNames : { type : $data.Array, elementType: String }

Each person has many Todo items.

And now I can load people who have at least one completed todo. (With JayData 1.3.4 & Web API & OData 5.6 and IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008 R2).

Take a look at the sample which is working fine:

But I want to run another query which is a little more different than this one.

I'd like to load people who have special names in their List{String} of OtherNames

Sample of OData query of my problem that works fine:

People?$filter=OtherNames/any(name:name eq 'AAA' or name eq 'BBB');

How can I accomplish this OData query within JayData in any possible way ?


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You can express the OData any query operator with the some() JayData operator. The documentation of the every() and some() operators of JayData can be found here - Using some() and every() with JayData OData provider

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Thanks, I've developed the sample code of my jsfiddle from that documentation and it works fine, and I've used that a lot in my application before, but my new scenario is a little different than usual. I don't want to apply any on List<Phone> or List<Person>, I want to use List<String>. I've tried to use some and every, but It does not work. Could you please suggest me which syntax in JayData should I use to have following output ? People?$filter=OtherNames/any(name:name eq 'AAA' or name eq 'BBB'); Note that here 'OtherNames' is List<String>, and when I use some or every it says not supported! –  Yasser Moradi Dec 5 '13 at 11:26

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