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I tried to use PHP exec function to create cron job. But function all the time updates old entry with new one.

$time = (int)$_POST['time']; 
$url = $baseHost."/run.php?run=".$centralId['id'];
shell_exec('echo "*/"'.$time.'" * * * * curl "'.$url.'" /dev/null" | crontab -');

My idea is. With php file_get_contents and file_put_contents create crontab.txt on server with list of tasks to do. Like this:

*/10 * * * * curl http://test.com/run.php?run=7 /dev/null
*/2 * * * * curl http://test.com/run.php?run=9 /dev/null
*/22 * * * * curl http://test.com/run.php?run=3 /dev/null

How I can, let PHP to execute this file with lines and setup them here in: Cpanel cron Job list

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