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I have 3 sounds that I would like to play, they are in my library.
I can play any of of them using soundName.start(0,1) with the code below:

firstSound = new Sound();
secondSound = new Sound();
thirdSound = new Sound();

The trouble i am having is, how can i know when sound1 has finished playing so i can then play sound2 and then sound3 immediately after?

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You can calculate frame number of the sound ending using the framerate and sound lenght. After that you can call AddFrameScript(frameNum, function) and add code to play next sound.

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That sounds rather complex, i wouldn't know where to begin with that. I take it there is no event for this kind of thing then? I tried firstSound.addEventListener("complete",myListener); var myListener = new Object(); myListener.complete = function() { trace("done"); }; but this does not fire. – 4imble Jan 10 '10 at 18:19
this is how to get sound duration: var c_snd:Sound = new Sound(); c_snd.attachSound("linked_sound"); trace('duration: ' + ((c_snd.duration/1000)<<0) + 's'); divide this by your frame rate, and you'll get the frame number where it ends.Let's call it "some_frame"; use some_movie_clip.AddFrameScript(some_frame, your_sound_start_function). I assumed that you start 1st sound at frame 0, and in main movie clip. – oldUser Jan 10 '10 at 18:28
Hi there, thanks for the code, i think AddFrameScript is AS3 but i might be able to get it working with some form of delay thanks to you. – 4imble Jan 10 '10 at 18:39
yes it's AS3 sorry, anyway glad it was useful for you – oldUser Jan 11 '10 at 5:52

In fact there exists a way in AS2, using onSoundComplete:

soundFX = new Sound();
soundFX.loadSound("sound.wav", true);
//or, if your sound is already in the library, 
//use soundFX.attachSound("librarySoundInstanceName");
soundFX.onSoundComplete = function() 
//DO some action
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