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I have a User model. Each user can speak 2 languages. So I have 2 integer columns speak_1 and speak_2 in my DB. Each integer correspond to one language : 1 -> french 2 -> english etc.

I'd like to filter by facets all the users who speak one particular language (= all the user whith speak_1 or speak_2 attribute set to 1)

So I defined this indice :

has [speak_1, speak_2], as: :speak, type: :integer, facet: true

I was hoping it will work because this kind of attributes does :

has mobilities(:city_id), :as => :mobile_cities_ids

But it only consider the speak_1 values in my facets search then Any idea ?

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If you add :multi => true to the attribute definition and then run ts:rebuild, does that get things working? Although I would hope TS is smart enough to realise multiple columns means multiple values.

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Yeah! it's working :D Thanks ! –  alex Dec 5 '13 at 6:36
mmhh after deeper tests I realized that multi: true; is not exactly what I need. It's working fine when I select one single language, but when I select more for example french and english, it sends me as a result Users which speak french OR english, when I need in fact Users which speak french AND english. Of course with 2 columns only, search with more then 2 languages should always send no results. Maybe I should change my database structure... –  alex Dec 21 '13 at 13:23
:with_all => {speak: => [...]} will match both, instead of either. –  pat Dec 22 '13 at 0:45
I ended changing my database structure because i give me more flexibility (user can now have more than 2 language, and even defined his level.) I have a new model Speak, with language and level attributes. I defined this index : has good_speaks(:language), as: :good_speak, facet: true and it work perfectly (User has_many :good_speaks, -> {where(level: [4,5])}, class_name: 'Speak' ) –  alex Jan 2 at 23:18

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