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I am trying to write an ONVIF video stream at the camera side on linux Fedora (not the client side). I already Install the WSDL2H and ran:

wsdl2h -c o onvif.h http://www.onvif.org/onvif/ver10/device/wsdl

This cmd build the onvif.h

I wrote a UDP,HTTP,TCP server on my linux.

In my UDP server program I catch the Hello message from the ONVIF device test tool . How should I proceed from this stage/point? I would like to know How to write the "answer" function in C ?

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At first you need soap tool like as gsoap.
Using gsoap you have to implement WS-Discovery
(Hello message is the one of the WS-Discovery)

In the gsoap FAQ, You can find useful information.
Also in the gsop documents, there is a information for WS-Discovery

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Please, give me more details : What I have is a Embeded camera system, with : an Image processing algo an udp server an HTTP server so please what I need to do to add the gsoap to this "no head no tail" programme. in fact the UDP server,HTTP server and ImageAlgo are 3 threads. the ImageAlgo working with 15 image per sec... the UDP Server listening on the port 3702 for incoming data. on the HTTP server I have the Onvif Dir. Now how can I add the gsoap functions to HTTP,UDP server? Thanks –  user3066422 Dec 8 '13 at 13:19

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