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  my $dep_file="/local/mnt/LINUX/platform/gnss/v02.d"; #is my dep file
  open my $FH, $dep_file or die "Could not open $dep_file: $!";
  my $cwd = getcwd();
  while( my $dep = <$FH>)  {
      if ($dep =~ /$cwd/) { #interested only in lines starting with $cwd
         $dep =~ s/^\s*//; #remove whitespaces in the beginning.
         $dep =~ s/\s+\\\s*$//; # remove white space followed by \ at the end.
         print File::Spec->rel2abs( $dep ) ; #trying to print full path of file without a ".." in it.
         #print $dep;
         print "\n";
      last if $dep =~ /^$/; # don't want to read any line after an empty line.
  close $FH;

but the result is not as expected:


I want lines to be printed without ".." after resolving ..'s in it, something like below


can you please help, thanks in advance.

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add this in your loop $dep =~ s|/[^/]+/\.\./|/|g while $dep =~ m|/../|; –  foibs Dec 4 '13 at 16:16

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You have to use the function realpath() from the Cwd module:

use Cwd qw<realpath>;
print File::Spec->rel2abs( realpath($dep) ) ;
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does not necessarily refer to




could be a symlink. As such, x/.. cannot be collapsed safely without a file system check. File::Spec doesn't perform any file system checks, but Cwd does.

use Cwd qw( abs_path );

print abs_path( $dep );
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print Cwd::realpath( $dep ) ;


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