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I have developed a python program that parses a webpage and creates a new text document with the parsed data. I want to deliver this new information to the web. I have no idea where to start with something like this. Are there any free options where I can have a site automatically call this python code upon request and update the new data to its page? Or is the only feasible solution here to have my own website/server that uses my code? I'm honestly pretty overwhelmed with many of the options when I try to begin doing a web-search for a solution like this. I have done a decent amount of application programming before so i'm confident in my ability to learn new things, but web protocols are all new to me so its hard to find a starting point.

Ultimately I want this python code to run automatically, or per request of a user, and deliver to the data to them. It could even be through an email, although that is probably less practical.

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I personally have good experience using Google Appengine (and its free for a limited amount of requests). The downside is that it does not allow C-extensions or Python3.

If you want to host your own server, tornado is a good option I think. Tornado supports both Python2 and Python3.

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There are a great deal of options available.. from 'traditional' virtual server or website hosts like a2hosting or godaddy to 'Cloud Application Hosts' such as Amazon EC2, Heroku or OpenShift.

For your case, and without knowing more, I would suggest that an application hosting is more appropriate, and that you should take a look at Heroku and Openshift in particular.

Define carefully what you want to achieve (how the users access your application, what they see, how they interact with it... etc..) and then evaluate these options based on those requirements.

Most offer a free trial, or even free services, depending on what you need! Good luck

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If you've never worked with web technologies before this will be a overwhelming task, since there's a lot of different technologies involved, and many possible ways to combine them.

You'll probably want to start by familiarizing yourself with the very basics of the HTTP protocol. Then you should read a bit on CGI server-side programming (the article also has a quick overview on HTTP).

Python can run both on CGI and WSGI (if the server provider allows such access), so you may also want to read about WSGI.

Once you grasp all these concepts, you should check this question for actual python techniques.

Also, since you seem to be under the impression you must pay to have a website/app deployed, you should know there are companies that host python apps for free

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