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I'm trying to allow public access to an entire bucket, so I'm using the policy recommended in this article:

      "Principal": {
            "AWS": "*"

When I add the bucket policy (and change "bucket" to my bucket name) and save, if I click "edit policy" the policy doesn't display, and if I refresh the page the button changes from "edit policy" back to "add policy". It's as if I never added a policy at all.

I am the owner of the bucket and the items inside the bucket.

I've successfully done this on a couple of other clients' S3 accounts, the only difference with this one is that I'm accessing the account as a user rather than the account owner. Could I have the wrong permissions for my account? What permissions do I need to set a bucket policy?

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To set a bucket policy:

  1. You should be the owner of the bucket. (Which I guess you are indeed)
  2. You should have s3:PutBucketPolicy permission. This is defined in your IAM user properties.

If above 2 conditions are met, then it should work. Could you check on above list and ensue that things are in place.

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I had my client bump me up to the Administrator group. That seems to have done the trick. –  kgrote Dec 5 '13 at 18:45

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