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I have a result from a query with the following columns. Name, Value , Location , date I want to have two more column with start date and end date .The start date is Friday of the week and end date is next Thursday. week starts from 07/19/2013.I want to group the date column. i tried using WITH clause to generate the weeks,but I have to make a Cartesian join and the connection breaks.

( SELECT dates AS start_date , dates + 6 AS end_date FROM
        (SELECT DATE '2013-07-18' + LEVEL-1  dates FROM DUAL CONNECT BY LEVEL <= (TRUNC(SYSDATE)- DATE '2013-07-18'))
     WHERE TO_CHAR( dates,'DY') = 'FRI'
Select q1.Start_date, q1.end_date,, t.value,
from test1 t,Q1
where date between q1.start_date and Q1.end_date;

I have exadata on which this Cartesian join works all fine,but not on other database.

The output should be

Start date End date    Name  value   Date
---------- --------    ----  -----   -------- 
07/19/2013 07/25/2013   A       5      07/22/2013
07/19/2013 07/25/2013   b       3      07/23/2013
07/26/2013 08/01/2013   c       6      08/01/2013
08/02/2013 08/08/2013   A       2      08/06/2013
11/29/2013 12/05/2013   t       5      12/01/2013
11/29/2013 12/05/2013   s       3      12/02/2013
11/29/2013 12/05/2013   t       5      12/02/2013
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Not sure why you think you need a cartesian join. In pseudo-sql: select previous_sunday(date), following_saturday(date), date, name, value,location from... where previous_sunday(date) and following_saturday(date) are expressions that calculate the start and end dates. – Jim Garrison Dec 4 '13 at 17:12
@jimgarrison ,I updated my question to answer your Cartesian join doubt.I want to write in a different way.Somehow i am getting ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel, But when I run other queries or anything else it runs perfectly fine, which says it has to do something with this query. – Raj A Dec 4 '13 at 19:01
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TRUNC(date, 'IW') does the trick - finds the first day of the week. Then it is just arithmetic.

select to_date('07/18/2013', 'mm/dd/yyyy') + rownum cur_date,
       TRUNC((to_date('07/18/2013', 'mm/dd/yyyy') + rownum) - 4, 'IW') + 4 as start_date,
       TRUNC((to_date('07/18/2013', 'mm/dd/yyyy') + rownum) + 3, 'IW') + 3 as end_date
  from dual connect by level <= 100;

19-JUL-13   19-JUL-13   25-JUL-13
20-JUL-13   19-JUL-13   25-JUL-13
21-JUL-13   19-JUL-13   25-JUL-13
22-JUL-13   19-JUL-13   25-JUL-13
23-JUL-13   19-JUL-13   25-JUL-13
24-JUL-13   19-JUL-13   25-JUL-13
25-JUL-13   19-JUL-13   25-JUL-13
26-JUL-13   26-JUL-13   01-AUG-13
27-JUL-13   26-JUL-13   01-AUG-13
28-JUL-13   26-JUL-13   01-AUG-13
29-JUL-13   26-JUL-13   01-AUG-13
30-JUL-13   26-JUL-13   01-AUG-13
31-JUL-13   26-JUL-13   01-AUG-13
01-AUG-13   26-JUL-13   01-AUG-13
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