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One of classes in my program uses some third-party library. Library object is a private member of my class:

// My.h
    #include <3pheader.h>

    class My 
       3pObject m_object;

The problem with this - any other unit in my program that uses My class should be configured to include 3p headers. Moving to another kind of 3p will jeopardize the whole build... I see two ways to fix this - one is to is to make 3pObject extern and turn m_Object into a pointer, being initialized in constructor; second is to create an "interface" and "factory" classes and export them...

Could you suggest another ways to solve that ?

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Use the "pimpl" idiom:

// header
class My
  class impl;
  std::auto_ptr<impl> _impl;

// cpp
#include <3pheader.h>
class My::impl
  3pObject _object;
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Any reason not to use boost::scoped_ptr? –  grigy Oct 15 '08 at 7:02
Nothing specific - I've been accustomed to using auto_ptr - it is probably more appropriate in this case to use scoped_ptr since there is no transfer of ownership –  1800 INFORMATION Oct 15 '08 at 7:16

The Private Implementation (PIMPL) pattern:


Basically, you define that your class holds a pointer to a struct that you forward declare. Then you define the struct inside the cpp file and use the constructor and destructor in your class to create/delete the PIMPL.


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All of the internal structure of QT is done using private implementation classes.
You can look it up for a good reference on how it is done correctly.

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