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My facebook integration is not working when I run the signed apk. It works in the debug build (which has a different Hash Key). I have have double checked the following:

  • Facebook App ID used in the application, it is still correct.
  • I have printed out the hash key. It matches the key added in the Key Hashes.
  • The key mentioned in the error (in LogCat), that was not found, is also the same key that I printed out and that already exists in the stored Key Hashes list.

So, I don't know what changed and why can't the facebook api match these keys. It was working fine before, nothing has been changed in the code. The keys are identical. How do I fix this?

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Fixed it! Somehow the key generated using the code did not work for the release build. Eventually used the keytool to generate the release key and it worked.

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