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I have fields of data separated as:

root.chain1.chain2.chain3.field.0: <data>

I have tried to use awk on the command line as:

awk -F "." -f inputFile '{print $1}'

But it tells me there is a syntax error on the second period.

I also tried

awk -f inputFile '{ FS = "\." ; print $1}'

but I get the same syntax error.

So then I tried:

awk -f inputFile '{ FS = "."; sub(/^[^:]*:[:blank:]*/, ""); print}'

because I ultimately want what is in <data>, but I get the same syntax error.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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-f inputfile tells awk to INTERPRET inputfile as a awk script... try to :

awk -F "." '{print $1}'  inputfile
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You must give the input file after the code argument, e.g.

awk -F "." '{print $1}' inputFile
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