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I have a cell array that has strings in each row. I want to count the number of characters in each row of the cell array, including spaces. How do I do this in matlab?

Thanks for your answer, I'm a bit stuck though in my code

fid = fopen('thenames.txt', 'w');
if fid ~= -1
    disp (' The file opened sucessfully')
    disp (' The file did not open sucessfully')
string1 = input('Enter a name:','s');
countstr =1;
fprintf(fid, 'Name %d is %s\n', countstr, string1)
TF = strcmp ('stop', string1);
while TF == 0;
    countstr = countstr+1;
    string1 = input ('Enter a name:','s');
    TF = strcmp ('stop', string1);
    if TF ==0
fprintf(fid, 'Name %d is %s\n', countstr, string1)
    elseif TF == 1
            disp ('Ok. No more names')

totalnames = countstr - 1;
fprintf(fid, 'There were %d total names given\n', totalnames)

fid = fopen('thenames.txt');
if fid ~= -1
disp (' The file opened sucessfully')
disp (' The file did not open sucessfully')
cellarray2 = [];
cellarray2 = textscan (fid ,'%s %d %s %s');
newcellarray = {cellarray2{4}}
charsPerRow = sum(cellfun(@numel,newcellarray),2)

I am ultimately trying to end up with a cell array that will store the name as a string in the first column and the second column will store the number of characters within the string as an integer. That would be the last bit of my code starting from cellarray2

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Can you just spit out the contents of newcellarray? – chappjc Dec 4 '13 at 19:41
You should do newcellarray = cellarray2{4} instead of newcellarray = {cellarray2{4}} otherwise it is a cell array inside a cell array. then you can use cellfun as shown. Then follow my updated answer to add on the column with character counts. – chappjc Dec 4 '13 at 19:47
Got it. Thank you :) – user2928537 Dec 4 '13 at 19:50
No problem. If my comments and answer were helpful, I'd appreciate if you would accept and even upvote if you feel inclined. Thanks! – chappjc Dec 4 '13 at 20:40

Say you have a cell array C:

>> C = {'a','b2','c';'x','y','z';'aa','bb','cc'}
C = 
    'a'     'b2'    'c' 
    'x'     'y'     'z' 
    'aa'    'bb'    'cc'

Then use cellfun and sum:

>> charsPerRow = sum(cellfun(@numel,C),2)
charsPerRow =

Say you want to tag this on to the cell:

>> C2 = [C num2cell(charsPerRow)]
C2 = 
    'a'     'b2'    'c'     [4]
    'x'     'y'     'z'     [3]
    'aa'    'bb'    'cc'    [6];
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Thanks for your answer. I'm a bit stuck though in my code: – user2928537 Dec 4 '13 at 19:34

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