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I think I have an usual situation here.

I am working on a web app which will be used as a Kiosk. The code that I am using (JScript with JQuery, and ASP, prob the JScript) seems to not work with IE so I determined that our target browser will be Chrome (because the code functioned like it was designed).

Now moving into the test phase we finally received the wall mount PC's, running Win7 with an fanless ATOM processor. I create a Chrome shortcut open properties and add --kiosk , moved it into the startup folder, and rebooted. Chrome did launch at startup but the site was not functional.

What I have done so far: Took Kiosk mode off - same results. Just passed the URL within the parameter - same results. Opened new Chrome window, used the address bar to input the URL - site works.

Went to another machine on the network, passed the Kiosk and URL parameters into the properties and it works.

Back to the Atom machine... clicked the Chrome shortcut with the URL properties added, site was unresponsive. However I go to Google.com it wll go and then come back to my local site, the site will work as designed.

Created a batch file and had the same results.

I know the code is not the issue because I am running IIS7 on the server and if I change the URL parameters to just the host name it will launch and bring up the IIS7 Welcome page but once again if you click the IIS7 Icon it does not go the microsoft site as it should. It does change the tab name at the top left though...

I have been trying to find a work around, anyone here run into anything like this before?

maybe there is a way to write a batch to just open Chrome to default page and then mimic "typing" the URL into the address bar and also making the browser full screen mode (F11)?

Thanks for the help!

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