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My company is evaluating different bug tracking tools to replace our current system. What we've got now is pretty much home-grown and it fits our needs pretty well. Unfortunately it also has a boatload of problems and the time has come to get rid of it. One of our requirements is that we have a way to assign a single bug to multiple projects but track the status independently for each one.

For example, we produce both software and hardware, and several pieces of software are shared across different hardware projects. If we've got a bug in a low level driver, it obviously needs to be assigned to the team developing the driver. It also needs to go to each product-specific team that uses the driver. The bug gets closed for the driver team as soon as they fix it, but then it only gets closed for the product teams once they've incorporated the change and pushed an update package out to a website or whatever.

With our current system, there is one shared bug report. It's got individual fields for every team we've got and the status is set appropriately for each one. There can be multiple people assigned to it, so there's usually one person from each team on it. Beside the fact that it's annoying to have so many fields to fumble through, it's also a pain when people from different teams add comments to it because it can turn into a jumble of different conversations. Now we're also considering moving to Scrum or Kanban, which (I think) means each team needs to have their own report that they can easily move from state to state. In my mind, that means the best solution is one where there's some kind of master bug record that QA can use to see everything that's going on, but then have individual records for each team that are automatically tied back to the master one.

Some people here are trying to figure out if that's possible in JIRA, but I'm also wondering about Hansoft. I've used JIRA and like it, but Hansoft looks really sweet as well. Is it possible to achieve what I'm after in Hansoft? How about JIRA?

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I use JIRA a lot and what you describe sounds like a main Bug issue along with a subtask issue for each team that is involved. Subtasks are just like regular issue but they have a parent. Each issue can have a different assignee (owner) and status (e.g. Open, In Progress, Closed) in the workflow.

JIRA Agile is an add-on for JIRA that gives you backlog planning, work board, burndown reports etc

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Good call on subtasks! I can't believe I hadn't thought of that. – donkey Dec 5 '13 at 3:58

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