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I am trying to simulate data in order to run a power analysis for an upcoming study. I am using a multiple baseline design, in which each of the 3 groups of participants are introduced to the manipulation variable at different times. For all participants, they will perform a task 4 time, i.e. I want to generate 4 numbers per participant, but I don't know how to make the 4 generated numbers relative to a take (i.e. first number = take 1, 2nd number = take 2, etc.)

Group A: baseline, manipulation, manipulation, manipulation
Group B: baseline, baseline, manipulation, manipulation
Group C: baseline, baseline, baseline, manipulation

I have generated random means, and sd for baseline and manipulation effects, but I want to create a linear function for time/take#.

I expect that each time the task is performed there will be a slight increase, due to familiarity effects. Would anyone be able to help me with this code…let's say if I thought each take would add .3 to the baseline score?

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