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I'm developing some Django project in Aptana Studio. Today, I was really confused about some debugging problems that occured while I rearranged my project a little.

At first, I was using basic project structure, that is projectFolder/appFolder and here I had basic files as well, that is models.py, urls.py and views.py. I was able to set breakpoints and what's more important they were hitten (yeah, not always it's trivial).

Then I decided to rearrange my project a little bit. I extracted some code from views.py and put it into authorization.py. I also created a new folder views and inserted authorization.py in that folder. All files (including views.py) stayed where they had been before. What really made me tearing my hair out is the fact that now breakpoints in authorization.py were not hitten, while all views from that file were returning correct templates! Breakpoints in views.py worked perfectly fine.

Can anyone explain why this little refactoring caused so much trouble for debugging, and in the same time did not change anything in behaviour of website?

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