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How to implement multiple inheritance with two classes. One class is optional.

I used a decorator:

def optional_inherit(cls):                                                         

    if _config.GDRIVE_HOOK:
        from jinjacms2 import drivecms

        class cls(cls, drivecms.CmsDrive):
    return cls

class JinjaCMS(cmsbase.CmsHandler):

    def get(self):

But? Is there another way? The class name "cls" in the decorator reports : cls is not an allowed PEP-8 class name.

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I found inspiration in this great article:

def jinjacms_get(self):         # member function for JinjaCMS class

if config.GDRIVE_HOOK:          #optional multiple inheritance
    from jinjacms import drivecms
    JinjaCMS = type(str('JinjaCMS'), (drivecms.CmsDrive, cmsbase.CmsHandler), {'get': jinjacms_get})
    JinjaCMS = type(str('JinjaCMS'), (cmsbase.CmsHandler, ), {'get': jinjacms_get})

in Python the class hierarchy is defined right to left

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