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After Xcode update to v. 5.0.2 i can't build my app for iOS 6.0 target. I can build only for iOS 7.0

I get many errors:

Could not build module CoreFoundation
Could not build module Darwin
Cyclic dependency in module Darwin: Darwin -> Foundation -> CoreFoundation -> Darwin
Could not build module Foundation

Interesting thing, is that before the update it was possible to compile the app for iOS 6.0, BUT I had the same errors when trying to compile app for iPhone 4/4S

PS. Build Settings - armv7, armv7s. Without arm64.

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Fixed! But...I don't know how I do it... –  Androsov Michil Dec 10 '13 at 4:40

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Update November 1, 2013:

According to the 2013-10-22 version of the 64-bit Transition Guide for Cocoa Touch, you can now use Xcode 5.0.1 to generate a binary that includes 64-bit and 32-bit architectures, and runs on older iOS versions.

You need to use Xcode 5.0.1 
The 64-bit version can only run on 64-bit devices running iOS 7.0.3+
The 32-bit version can only run on devices running iOS 5.1.1+
64-bit devices running iOS 7.0.0-7.0.2 will use the 32-bit slice

folow the link: Apple 64 Bit Transition Description

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