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I've created a ComboBox for my search screen and it works as expected.

I'am using code for the binding:

partial void SearchStatusTest_Created()
        IContentItemProxy comboControl = this.FindControl("Status");



        this.Status = this.DataWorkspace.ProjectDeck2Data.Statuses_SingleOrDefault(2);


Trying to set the default value the following:

this.Status = this.DataWorkspace.ProjectDeck2Data.Statuses_SingleOrDefault(2):

Notice that it does work, but still couldn't see the default value in the ComboBox on the screen.

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I would guess that the default value would have to be present in your collection of displayed items. Which is not always the same as the collection of values that can be selected. –  TsSkTo Dec 6 '13 at 10:01

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Try creating a riaservice. In this riaservice you can cast your query to a List and add some options.

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