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My play app at localhost. but my assets at "http://my.assets.com", i want to change controllers.Assets.at() to redirect("http://my.assets.com/"+filename);

but i can't override controllers.Assets,Is there any way to solve this problem

Looks like this:

public class Assets{
    public static Result at(String filename){
         return redirect("http://my.assets.com/"+filename);
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Have a look at this. –  mantithetical Dec 5 '13 at 3:19
No,My app has been complete, Now, I want to have the app and separation of assets on a different server –  SeanSnow Dec 5 '13 at 7:10
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Why do you absolutely want to override an existing method? Simply create another controller :

object MyAssets extends Controller {
    def at(file:String) = {

And add the route to the routes file :

/*     controllers.MyAssets.at(file:String)
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1.@SeanSnow code is java, your code is scala. 2.by setup your own controller for assets, you lost some framework feature for public assets, like etag –  runcode May 3 at 0:33
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