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I am using a winscp scheduled task script currently but just have way too many files. I am not at around 1.3 million files and it takes so long.

I do a daily sync from my windows server to my linux sftp server (ssh). I believe I can use rsync over ssh to speed this up, but what other options are there for me? Winscp just takes too long (like 15 hours even when there are no new files)

It's a 1 way sync, Windows server is master, and the linux server needs to mirror it (including deletions). Also, I'd like to be able to skip a few unnecessary file types.


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Yes, rsync over SSH is a better choice than scp.

Your command will look like this.


The --delete option will cause files that do not exist on the sending side to be removed from the receiving side.

The --exclude option will allow you to specify a file name pattern to exclude from the synchronization process (swap file, temporary file, etc). Use it multiple times for more than one pattern.

Other options you could try are:

  • -v, to have a more verbose output;
  • -z, to enable compression.


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