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I'd like define scalar multiply vector just as following:

Vector * scalar   (1)
scalar * Vector   (2)

I could define * as the function of class Vector which implement the first case. Then how can I implement the second case, one way I can think of is using the right associate function, but it require me to add "::" in the function name which is not readable. I want the second case just looks like the first case. How can I make it in scala ? Thanks

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You can use standalone functions. – n.m. Dec 5 '13 at 4:06
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I think you need to do some pimpin' of the library.

For the first case:

class MyVector(vector: Vector[Double]) {
   def *(scalar: Double) = * scalar)

implicit def vectorToMyVector(vector: Vector[Double]) = new MyVector(vector)

Then for the second case you do something similar:

class Scalar(value: Double) {
   def *(vector: Vector[Double]) = * value)

implicit def doubleToScalar(value: Double) = new Scalar(value)
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You need to add an implicit conversion from the scalar type into a class that has a *(x: Vector) method. It can be as simply as

implicit class ScalarVectorMult(scalar: Double) {
  def *(vector: Vector): Vector = vector * scalar

That needs to be put inside a package object or an object -- putting it directly on a package won't work.

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