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I'm building a webpage with several styled links like so:

<a class="green" href="green.htm">Link is green and becomes blue on mouse over</a>

<a class="red" href="red.htm">Link is red and becomes yellow on mouse over</a>

Then I have my css classes like so: {   color: green; } { color: blue; } {       color: red; } { color: yellow; }

But then I want green.htm and red.htm to be opened in a Colorbox... Obviously I can't use classes anymore as I need them for link coloring.

How can I get different styled links on the same page and still have them use colorbox?

UPDATE: I've resorted to use an onclick event to fireup the colorbox effect.

<a class="green" onclick="$.colorbox({innerWidth:500, innerHeight:300, href:'green.htm'});">Link is green and becomes blue on mouse over</a>

It ain't exactly pretty but it will do until some day I get a cleaner way of doing things I guess.

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<element class="red">
    all content of red.htm
<element class="green">
    all content of green.htm
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I'm affraid that I don't understand what you meant. Did you mean to use something like a span to enclose the link? Something like: <span class="red"><a class="myColorbox">Link is red and becomes yellow on mouse over</a></span> ? I tried that but it doesn't work.. Tried the other way around with <span class="myColorbox"> and that didn't help either. – user3068677 Dec 8 '13 at 19:42

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