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I'm trying to create function, that after clicking on button, will open my search box, and after clicking again on this same button it will close it.

I have build this:

      $("#searchBox").animate({top: '0px'}, 500),

        $("#searchBox").animate({top: '-47px'}, 500)

It works fine but only first time after i click on it. Then if I'll click on it again to re-open without refreshing the page button will automatically hide.

Why is it happening?

Thank you for your help in advance


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2 Answers 2

Your problem is that you never unbind the first click handler.

The best solution is to use the toggle handler, like this:

    function () { $("#searchBox").animate({top: '0px'}, 500); }, 
    function () { $("#searchBox").animate({top: '-47px'}, 500); }
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Each time you're clicking on that you're adding another click event handler. You're not removing any. You could do this:


function show_search() {
  $("#searchBox").animate({top: '0px'}, 500)});
  $("#searchbutton").unbind("click", show_search).click(hide_search);

function hide_search() {
  $("#searchBox").animate({top: '-47px'}, 500)});
  $("#searchbutton").unbind("click", hide_search).click(show_search);

but adding/removing event handlers is kinda ugly. Luckily, there's an easier solution for this:

$("#searchbutton").click(function() {
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