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I have to implement a installer which has a lot of files and also a huge directory structure. And to implement all of the required components manually, I have to spend a lot of time in it.

Is there any other, shorter way to accelerate it?

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WiX Toolset has a good rundown of, well, its tools, including a diagram. Also, be sure to see the sections on Visual Studio and MSBuild. – Tom Blodget Dec 6 '13 at 23:50
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You can use Wix Harvest Tool (Heat) for automatic .wxs composing. Usage (from community tutorial):

heat dir folder -cg SampleGroup -out SampleGroup.wxs
will harvest the folder specified recursively, creating a Fragment consisting of a ComponentGroup with the name specified with the -cg switch. The group will contain as many components as there are files, each component having a single file inside, as the rules dictate, and will assign uniquely generated component, directory and file identifiers that remain the same when regenerated on the same input set. GUIDs will not be generated (only a placeholder text) unless explicitely instructed to do so by the -gg switch.

There are also tons of answers on SO, just search by 'heat' keyword.

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