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I'm using IE 11 to emulate older versions of IE. The following code does not work as expected in IE 9 and below:

var search_input_val = $.trim($("#search_input").val()).replace(/\s{2,}/g, ' ');
var recBox_val_arr = search_input_val.split(/\s+/); // HERE

recBox_val_arr is logged to the console as undefined.

The above code returns an Array on IE 10 and 11, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Why is it not working in IE 9 and below?

More details

Given this situation:

$("#search_input").val() === "ab abc";
search_input_val === "ab abc";

recBox_val_arr is logged as undefined by IE ≤ 9, [object Array] by Firefox and ["ab", "abc"] by other browsers.

I'm linking to jQuery 1.10.2 via Google's CDN:


I also tried recBox_val_arr = search_input_val.split(' '), but recBox_val_arr is still logged as undefined.

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Can you post the output of your console.log calls with a value that works in all other browsers? –  Rob M. Dec 5 '13 at 8:36
What version jQuery are you using? Version 2.0 does not support < IE9 –  C. S. Dec 5 '13 at 8:40
Give this a read –  Jamie Taylor Dec 5 '13 at 8:46
@JordanGray found out that split does work and my prob is not this when i tried to call the index e.g. recBox_val_arr[0]. ie9 does support it but when you console.log the array it returns undefined which is btw really misleading. –  Deadpool Dec 5 '13 at 9:48
Right here. Definitely the best way to test in older versions! :) –  Jordan Gray Dec 5 '13 at 9:54

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IE 11's implementation of IE 9's console.log is busted

There are indeed bugs with older IE's implementation of split, but that's not the problem here. In fact, split is working just fine—the real issue is IE 11's busted implementation of console.log when emulating IE 9:

console.log("test test".split(/\s+/)) // logs "undefined"
"test test".split(/\s+/)              // logs "[object Array]"

Screenshot of IE 11 (emulating IE 9) console output for "test test".split, with and without a call to console.log

Like really, really busted

More generally, console.log in IE 11 emulating IE 9 doesn't support logging of objects or arrays:

console.log("foo");         // logs "foo"
console.log({ foo: "bar" }) // logs "undefined"
console.log(["foo"])        // logs "undefined"

Screenshot of IE 11 (emulating IE 9) console.log output for a string, an array and an object

Even IE 9 wasn't this bad

Worst of all, this isn't even comparable with how IE 9 actually behaves. Here's what you get if you run IE 9 directly on a VM:

console.log("test test".split(/\s+/)) // logs "test,test"

Screenshot of IE 9 console.log output for "test test".split(/\s+/)


  • IE 11's emulation of IE 9 isn't perfect.
  • console.log is totally borked when called on IE 11 emulating IE 9.
  • Always use a VM (freely available to download) for reliable cross-browser testing.
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This article explained possibilities of bugs using split()

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var search_input_val = $.trim($("#search_input").val()).replace(/\s{2,}/g, ' ');
var recBox_val_arr = search_input_val.split(/\s+/); //--Here--
Create body with
< body>
< input type="text" id="search_input" />
< button>Submit < /button>
< /body>


Input => hello 123 hi
Output => ["hello", "123", "hi"]

Split function in PHP is used to break string into an array.

console.log(recBox_val_arr[0]); == hello
console.log(recBox_val_arr[1]); == 123
console.log(recBox_val_arr[2]); == hi

If you put console.log() outside $("button").click(function(){}); then the value will be initially shown as "undefined".
Because it was not able to get value from text box.

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your answer is waaaay off but checking the value of the array with the index did help. I found out that the array is there, ie9 just returns undefined when you console.log it. So anyway +1 –  Deadpool Dec 5 '13 at 9:50

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