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we got a problem. We want to mix a eps file with a ghostscript file. The eps file is our formular style and the ghostscript is for the texts. After this we create a pdf with the new file.

We tried some ways but we got everytime 2 letters one with the text and one with the formular.

kindly regards Nino

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There is no such thing as a 'ghostscript' file, possibly you mean a PostScript file ?

You can supply two PostScript programs to Ghostscript, and in general provided the first does not execute a showpage, the second will be printed 'over the top'. Valid EPS files do not contain a showpage.

You can also redefine showpage as a no-op, run the first program, then run the second program then run the original showpage.

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Yeah I mean PS.

We tried to convert a existing .doc file to a ps file and then we printed it out, but it doesn't work.

On the adobe manual there is an example which moved a picture into a textpage. But there is no sourcecode provided.

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