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I set CSV file in jmeter via CSV data Set Config this file contains 1 username and password. The number of threads I set are 2.

When I run my test in jmeter it passes for only 1 thread and failed for another. I then added another line with same username/password in the CSV file and run the test(with 2 same username/password and 2 threads). My all tests passes

So do I need to set up username/password in CSV file with same number of thread counts(Even when I am using same username/password)?

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What is your test plan structure?

I guess that you need to add CSV Data Set Config as a child of your request

Given following test plan structure:

csv file containing one line: test

  • Thread Group (2 threads, no ramp-up, 1 iteration)
  • HTTP Request (host:, Path: /, Parameters: q=${query}
  • CSV Data Set Config (as a child of HTTP Request, Filename: path to csv file, Variable names: query, everything else - defaults)

In View Results Tree Listener I can see both threads sending "test" query

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Thanks for your reply.I tried to add CSV Data Set Config as a chid of HTTP Request but no luck. It is still failing on second login. – user3069777 Dec 5 '13 at 19:16
It should work, attach your screen or script structure – Jay Dec 7 '13 at 18:41

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