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I have integrated a decoder to FFMPEG multimedia framework. I have referred this how to post to integrate the decoder.

How to integrate a codec to FFMPEG

I have followed the above post and integrated my custom decoder which decodes an elementary stream into a YUV420 data.

However, When i give an input command as shown below, i get the following messages in sequence:

./ffmpeg -vcodec myCustomDec -i input_416x240.bin opt.yuv

For integrating a codec, we need to define 3 functions and assign them to AVCodec's structures function pointers .init, .close and .decode.

I have given a printf statement in myCustomDec's demuxer's probe function, init function, decode function and close function.

The output i get after executing the above command is:

myCustomDecoder probe function Entered
myCustomDecoder demux successful
Codec 0x73736d77 is not in the full list.
Init is Entered
 Last message repeated 1 times
Decode entered
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

So, this means that i'm getting segmentation fault after after entering decode function. My decode function prototype is as shown below:

static int myCustom_decode_frame(AVCodecContext *avctx, void *data,int *got_frame_ptr, AVPacket *avpkt)

In this function what i actually do is:

AVFrame *frame     = data;
printf("\nDecode entered\n");
//Here i call decode frame function

//Here i call a function to fetch YUV data

//now i make the pointer that is pointing to YUV buffer data to point to variable of type AVFrame *frame

//set *got_frame to 1

So my expectation here is that once i map my YUV buffer pointer to the AVFrame *frame variable, the FFMPEG multimedia framework will take care of dumping this yuv frame to opt.yuv which is specified in the command. My question is: Is my assumption correct that FFMPEG multimedia frame work takes care of dumping data to output file?

Second, Why am i getting a message in the output saying Codec 0x73736d77 is not in the full list.

And finally, How does the FFMPEG framework get to know the width and height of the input stream that i'm providing, because my parser is embeded in the decode code itself, and there is no connection with FFMPEG.

Any suggestion regarding the same will be really helpful to me. Please do provide your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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