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How to retrieve and call a Service's URL stored in WSO2 Governance Registry "GREG" by providing the service name; is there any simple Java method provided by the GREG API to get exactly and only the url of a service and not the whole Metadata ?


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Ouufff finally, spent the entire night to solve this problem:

    Registry governanceRegistry = GovernanceUtils
            .getGovernanceUserRegistry(registry, username);
    **// All governance artifacts should be loaded.
    GovernanceUtils.loadGovernanceArtifacts((UserRegistry) governanceRegistry);**
    ServiceManager manager = new ServiceManager(governanceRegistry);

But i stil don't know why all governance artifacts should be loaded before using it.

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Please refer Governance Artifact Search Sample documentation,it's demonstrating how to search governance artifacts using attributes and get the paginated results. You can refer this blog as well.

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Please provide a short description of the solution that you linked to. Just external links is not considered an answer on stackoverflow (you've described about half a sentence already I must admit) –  owlstead Dec 19 '13 at 16:42

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