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how to automatically click a html button when button is clicked. I want when I click btn then automatically Button1 which is a html button is clicked and performs the task... that means by pressing one button it internally works for two buttons

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trigger it.... – Gautam3164 Dec 5 '13 at 11:34

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Attach the onclick event in the markup of the ASPX page (on the button):


Now, if you don't want the post back to occur on the ASP.NET button, then do this:

onclick="#('elementName').click(); return false;"
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In the asp button, add a OnClientClick event to call a javascript function and then trigger the second button click from within.

<asp:Button Text="Server Button" runat="server" OnClientClick="js_function();"/>
<input type="button" id="inpbutton" value="Client Button"/>

function js_function()
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This should do it. Update the selectors with the ones in your page

    $('#<%=ASPBUTTON.ClientID %>').click(function(event)
        return false;
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You can do this in two way.

first by using common class name for both button

<button name='cmd1' class='cmd' >button 1</button>
 <button name='cmd2' class='cmd' >button 2</button>


//common click event for both button
$('.cmd').bind('click', function(){

and for second method you can create two seprate onclick function for both button , when a button get click (source) inside that function call target function , like this

<button name='cmd1' onclick='first_function()' >button 1</button>
<button name='cmd2' onclick='second_function()' >button 2</button>


function first_function(){
     // call second function
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