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I need help enhancing this Gallery (tutorialdog.com/javascript-image-gallery-using-mootools/), I've tried on my own (I'm new to js programming), But I haven't figure it out how to code it right resulting to the effect that I want. I've tried chaining the opacity but I wasn't successful.

here's the code

    window.addEvent('domready', function() {
        var drop = $('large');
        var dropFx = drop.effect('background-color', {wait: false});
            item.addEvent('click', function(e) {
                var a = item.clone();
                dropFx.start('7389AE').chain(dropFx.start.pass('ffffff', dropFx));

Basically the effect I want is, I want to add fading effect on the large preview once it has been clicked.


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you can just do drop.fade("in"); to affect the whole larger zone or you could do a.inject(drop).fade("in"); to only fade the larger image

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