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I'm in a search for some jQuery resources or other things that will help me building a customizable start page for users.
I'm talking about tiles that have to be aligned reasonably in the screen (usually a parent div).
The tiles have equal size and if possible I want to let the user drag them for customization (Not a must).
The main issue is aligning the tiles in a rasonable way.
I found some jQuery plugins like freewall etc. but they usually try to fill an area and less appropriate for my cause...

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something like this here ? –  Igoel Dec 5 '13 at 12:47

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When you using Freewall you can choice option for not fill by set:

fixSize: 0

even you can control the gaps too, by using method setHoles. please check there links for know how to control the gaps:




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I've found a very appropriate plugin:
It's capaable of performing layout and placing the tiles centered in the given space.
Perfect for me.

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