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im currently working with the magento soap v1 API called from Javascript. login, catalog_product.list and other calls work for me, but im having trouble with updating the stock of a product via 'product_stock.update' (or cataloginventory_stock_item.update)

my code looks like this:

        url: serverAdress,
        method: 'call',
        data: {
            sessionId: sessionID,
            resourcePath: 'product_stock.update',
            data: {
                productId: product.id.toString(),
                stockItemData: {
                    qty: qty.toString()

        success: function (soapResponse) {
            alert("Success: " + soapResponse.toString());

        error: function (SOAPResponse) {
            alert("Error: " + SOAPResponse.toString());


i have tried all combinations of arrays as arguments i could imagine, just can't get it to work. in addition i tried SKU as string and with appended " " empty space to overcome one known bug.

always returns "faultcode:101 product not exists"

where am i messing up my arguments? thanks for any help!

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