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What I would like to do is have a placeholder appear that is the same as the regular placeholder than comes up when I hover over areas I would like to drop a draggable, but only when the list is empty, and there is no draggable being dragged onto it.

This is how I have my current placeholder (for when hovering):

placeholder: {
        element: function(event, ui) {
            return $('<li class="module-drop-content brochure">Drop Content Here</li>');
        update: function() {

Incase that doesn't make sense here is a step by step of what I would like to happen:

  1. User clears sortable of 'li's
  2. Placeholder appears saying 'drop content here'
  3. User hovers item over sortable once again, and the placeholder from step 2 is removed, in place of the regular hover placeholder.

I have tried many different methods and none seem to work in this situation.


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If you are clearing list with some button you can make it also place your "Drop content here" placeholder in empty list. As for removing your placeholder use either beforeStop or stop event.

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