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I have CSV files, tab-separated, fields not wrapped in quotes, where field data can contain characters like single quotes, double quotes, pipes and backslashes.

Sample data can look like this:

1       2       "ba$aR\eR\       18

I want to import this data into Postgres using the COPY statement.

When I try to import this using

COPY <tablename> FROM  <filename> NULL AS '';

I get an error psql:-:1: ERROR: missing data for column because Postgres is treating the backslash + tab as an "escaped tab" instead of a backslash followed by the field separator.

So I switched to using the "CSV format" of the COPY operator, like so:

COPY <tablename> FROM <filename> WITH CSV DELIMITER E'\t' NULL AS '';

Now there's a new error psql:-:1: ERROR: value too long for type character varying(254)

Apparently because it's interpreting the double-quote at the start of field 3 as the field wrapping character.

How can I specify that my data is NOT quoted at all?

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why not post your workaround as answer? – Matthew Plourde Dec 5 '13 at 14:38
thanks for the tip, done! – Tom De Leu Dec 5 '13 at 14:43

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Workaround (thanks to this comment!)

COPY <tablename> FROM <filename> WITH CSV DELIMITER E'\t' QUOTE E'\b' NULL AS '';

So basically specifying a quote character that should never be in the text, but that's pretty ugly.

I'd much prefer it if there was in fact a way to turn off quote processing altogether.

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