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I have a similar problem as in Create relationship between nodes having same property value in common, using one Cypher query in my local neo4j environment giving me strange behaviour (I test this in both M06 and RC1). Basically the problem is if I don't create the index on name, then the query took forever in my local environment. But after I create the index then I get the error as you see above.

CREATE (n1:Node { id:'n1', name:'n' }) 
CREATE (n2:Node { id:'n2', name:'n' }) 
CREATE (n3:Node { id:'n3', name:'n' }) 
CREATE (g1:Node { id:'g1', name:'g' }) 
CREATE (g2:Node { id:'g2', name:'g' }) 
CREATE (g3:Node { id:'g3', name:'g' })

the first query seems to be ok MATCH (a:Node),(b:Node) WHERE a.name=b.name and a<>b RETURN a,b


after the index created, run the query again, and error. MATCH (a:Node),(b:Node) WHERE a.name=b.name and a<>b RETURN a,b


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I'd file this in github issues. –  Eve Freeman Dec 5 '13 at 21:05

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Thanks for reporting. It's a bug, for now you can work around it with this:

match (a:Node)-[:In]->(t:Ticket)<-[:In]-(b)
using scan a:Node
where a.name=b.name 
return a,t,b
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