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Short of actually creating a UITabBarController and performing the relevant experiment, does iOS have a programmatic way of getting the maximum number of tabs that could show up in the tabBarController, without a "more" tab?

This would be highly helpful for some cross-platform work I'm doing.

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@rmaddy is right about the counts. The only way I can imagine getting these programatically would be to add tabs in a loop on an offscreen tab vc, looking for the more tab. Otherwise, I think you can safely assume that the constants will remain good until another form factor change. –  danh Dec 5 '13 at 15:52
AFAIK there is no programmatic way, but 5 is the limit. Anyway, uitabbar is for ios, if you are working on cross-platform use another thing for other platforms, not ios like uitabbar –  jcesarmobile Dec 5 '13 at 16:40

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The most is 5 (on an iPhone, 8 on an iPad). When you add a sixth you get the 1st four plus a More tab with the other two. This can't be changed using a standard UITabBarController.

Search github or other resources. There may be drop in replacement classes that will let you have more tabs shown at once.

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