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I am running an ipython server (for the notebook) on a remote linux machine. I have setup a profile that listens on the remote machine such that I can access locally using:


This launches the standard IPython notebook interface that you would expect to see (after authentication). Everything works as expected.

Recently I have started using matplotlib widgets. These do not work in the notebook if using inline plots (the server just ships pngs). The simple fix on a local machine is to use ipython notebook --pylab and omit --inline.

In my IPython notebook profile I have commented out:

#c.IPKernelApp.pylab = 'inline'

and I launch with ipython notebook --pylab.

Login still works as expected, but if I use the %pylab magic to get started the kernel dies.

EDIT: The %pylab magic is redundant if I launch with --pylab

Is it possible to attain interactivity by not using inline plots in a remote login environment like this? I imagine that I need to tell the server that it is forwarding not only the port 9999 ipython data, but also needs to be forwarding X. Any insight appreciated.


Edit2: Crap....got it - my XServer on the local box had died....I can report that this functions as expected as long as you actually have a live XServer locally...crap.

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Glad you solved your problem. You should write up your edit2 as an answer (and accept it when it will let you). –  tcaswell Dec 5 '13 at 17:47

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