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What video format would be the easiest when saving the output of a camera using V4L2 if I capture it in bitmap format? Getting mpeg directly could be, of course, nice, but I can't unfortunately count on that.

I have managed to capture the frames, now I need to somehow view the video. Can I simply convert those frames using some Linux tool or could I save the video easily straight from my app?

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Oops, sorry, my bad, didn't notice that you were talking about 'my app' so this is actually programming related - in any case, libffmpeg is probably a thing worth looking at in any case... –  Kimvais Jan 11 '10 at 8:09
Just curious, what is your v4l2 device? I was using a frame grabber in my project. It was a Sensoray 711 sensoray.com/products/711data.htm. –  Nate Jan 11 '10 at 8:24
Well, let's put it this way: it's a "device" and I need to write a code that simply verifies that the camera (among others) works. The video format doesn't need to be fancy or anything, it's enough if I can demonstrate that it was the camera that actually grabbed the video. So part of the problem is I don't know if I can install lots of non-standard libraries (e.g. ones that are not in Linux already) to the device. –  Makis Jan 11 '10 at 8:40
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You could use practically any format/codec if you used mencoder or ffmpeg

Btw, this question really should be on superuser.com

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If you are capturing frames already, you could save them to PPM images and then go to JPEG. I did this using v4l2 and ImageMagick. Maybe you could push JPEGs into a Motion JPEG stream. It might not be as high tech as MPEG, but you might get it working quickly. PPM files were a cinch to create. If I remember correctly, the v4l2 example code shows you how to do that part.

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There is no such thing in the capture.c example found in the V4L2 spec. –  shodanex Jan 11 '10 at 8:29
Well, thanks for that...it's been a long time. I found an example on some v4l2 related site. It's not like he asked for PPM specific code examples. –  Nate Jan 11 '10 at 17:34
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To keep things simple (as in a Proof-of-Concept demo), you can go ahead and directly store the YUV frames captured from the device into a file.

There are a bunch of viewers that support playback of single/multiple frame(s) of YUV data from a file.

One such YUV viewer is freecode.com/projects/yay

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