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I am running a multi-client application without subdomains. I need to stick to using virtual subfolders:

The application itself is located at:

I need the following address pattern to map to the above address:* ->* (without redirect)

For example:

actually resolves physically to

I am working now with a hard-coded client name, for example called "sample" this does the trick:

RewriteRule ^sample/?(.*)$ $1 [QSA,NS,L]

I need the "sample" part also dynamic, I tried the following but without success:

RewriteRule ^([^/]+)/?(.*)$ $2 [QSA,NS,L]
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Try this rule:

RewriteRule ^[^/]+(/.*)?$ /$1 [NS,L]
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Thanks! It is working except for the following case, when I request for example without the trailing slash it doest load the assets. – Plamen Nikolov Dec 5 '13 at 17:56
Do you have some other rules also? When I opened http://localhost/any-valid-string it opened http://localhost/ for me (without changing the URL in the browser). – anubhava Dec 5 '13 at 18:06
Yes I have, thank you I managed to fix the problem! – Plamen Nikolov Dec 6 '13 at 8:00
Oh great! glad that it worked out. – anubhava Dec 6 '13 at 9:05

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