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When i use enter for new line or paste from other file or somewhere else it gives me � in html output my tiny mce init is as follows

     convert_urls: true,
     entity_encoding : "raw",
     plugins: "image contextmenu link",
     image_advtab: true,
     autosave_interval: "20s",
     paste_word_valid_elements: "b,strong,i,em,h1,h2",
     paste_data_images: true,
     paste_as_text: true,
     spellchecker_wordchar_pattern: /[^\s,\.]+/g,
     contextmenu: "link image inserttable | cell row column deletetable",
     rel_list: [
    {title: 'Lightbox', value: 'lightbox'},
    {title: 'Table of contents', value: 'toc'}
table_clone_elements: "strong em a"         });

a screenshot of output is added enter image description here

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Nothing to do with Tiny MCE. You are copy-and-pasting text that includes bytes that are not valid UTF-8 characters. Often this is the result of copy-pasting Word or Outlook text with "Smart Quotes" (a nonstandard remap of typographically pleasing punctuation to a reserved control byte area). Some of yours appear to be opening and closing quotation marks, while others may be "non-breaking spaces". Yet others could be embedded word processor control codes.

If you copy and paste directly from Word/Outlook into a UTF-8 display web page, often the browser will know to select the UTF-8 version of the clipboard, and bring in valid UTF-8 characters for the Smart Quotes. However, this behavior is not guaranteed.

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but i have typed and pressed enter for new line and then it shows also same thing. –  Daman Mokha Dec 5 '13 at 18:13
Where did this text come from? Was it copy-pasted from some other document, either on a PC or on another Web page? Is there any other processing going on, other than Tiny MCE? It sure looks in your example like each sentence is followed by something other than a normal space and then a normal space, and quotation marks have been marked as invalid (probably Smart Quotes originally). The centered dividers are probably a Smart Quotes en-dash or em-dash, invalid in UTF-8. –  Phil Perry Dec 5 '13 at 20:11
If this is happening on something you actually typed in, my guess would be that your Tiny MCE is incorrectly configured for Windows-1252 encoding rather than UTF-8. You'd have to read the documentation carefully. I have no idea why a simple "Enter" would produce an "invalid character", unless there's something very odd in the Tiny MCE configuration. –  Phil Perry Dec 5 '13 at 20:14
yeah i am new @ tiny mce i have mentioned my init function for tiny mce. i have pressed simply enter and it shows same invalid character –  Daman Mokha Dec 6 '13 at 16:55
Try changing entity_encoding : "raw", to entity_encoding : "named",. I suspect that it's sticking binary characters in (Latin-1 encoding) instead of   etc. –  Phil Perry Dec 6 '13 at 17:08

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